*Union of tobacco farmers in North Lebanon expresses gratitude to the administration of Regie*

09 December 2020
The union of tobacco farmers in North Lebanon issued the following statement: Whereas the Regie has started the purchase of tobacco harvest from North Lebanon and Akkar on 2/11/2020, Whereas the Regie administration headed by Engineer Nassif Seklaoui has met all the demands of the Tobacco Union of North Lebanon and has decided to support the farmers by adding 50% on the price of the harvest due to the increased financial costs and the increased price on fertilizers, irrigation and the workforce, Whereas the purchase of the harvest was described as calm by both the farmers and the experts Whereas facilitating measures were implemented in full coordination between the administration and the union with respect to all aspects, especially during the outspread of COVID-19, and all sides were committed to implementing the measures Whereas the administration transferred the price of the harvest to the banks, and worked on paying all due revenues to the farmers, the tobacco union of north Lebanon accompanied this step by visiting bank managers to emphasize on the necessity of facilitating the payments We, at the union would like to express our gratitude to the Regie administration headed by Engineer Nassif Seklaoui, and other working units, departments and experts for working on implementing all the needed measures in coordination with the farmers and the union, equally We hope that this relation remains the same as it better serves the interest of farmers and we would also like to reiterate our gratitude to Regie and Engineer Saklaoui. 10 December 2020 Union of Tobacco Farmers of North Lebanon
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