Regie Director General expresses gratitude to beloved people of Akkar and South Lebanon

15 December 2020
The Director General of La Regie Libanaise Des Tabacs Et Tombacs (Regie), Engineer Nassif Seklaoui expresses his gratitude to all those who were grateful for the efforts of Regie and supported the farmers, mainly the beloved people of Akkar and South Lebanon: The Union of Tobacco and Tombacs Farmers in Akkar Union of Tobacco Farmers in North Lebanon Municipal Union of Akkar Valley Municipal Union of Al-Ostouwaneh Al-Sammaqiyeh Al-Sheikh Taba Al-Sheikh Znad Zouk al-Hosniyeh Arqa Tal-Hayat Talbireh Tal Abbas - East Talmaayan Al-Mqayteh Kafarmalkeh Qaabrin Rmeich Sreefa Aita El-Chaab Al-Souwaneh Ramya Adchit Yater Zebqin Jebal El-Botem Nabeh al-Ghzayleh Al-Masoudiyeh Municipal Union of Al-Drayb Municipality of Siddiqin Aytaroun
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