Engineer Seklaoui receives Head of Akkar Youth Union

22 February 2021
Engineer Seklaoui receives Head of Akkar Youth Union
The Director General of La Regie Liebanaise Des Tabacs Et Tombacs (Regie), Engineer Nassif Seklaoui received at his office in Hadath the Head of Akkar Youth Union, Moufid Abdallah, in the presence of Engineer Issam Salman. During the meeting, Abdallah passed on the regards of the people of Akkar and thanked him for his continuous support to Akkar and its people and also for providing assistance to tobacco farmers and the fishermen of the region, mainly during the tough living circumstances they are passing through. As an appreciation for his effrots, Abdallah offered Eng. Seklaoui a token of gratitude and wished him continuous health and well-being. For his part, Eng. Seklaoui thanked Abdallah for paying this visit and expressed his love to the people of Akkar. He also vowed to continue supporting them with all the possible capabilities.
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