The Regie is loyal and will not forget… from the honoring ceremony of retiring laborers

23 January 2023
In keeping with its annual tradition, the Regie honored, today, Tuesday its retiring laborers, in a ceremony held at its headquarters in Hadath. The Regie’s President and Director General, Eng. Nassif Seklaoui, delivered a speech of thanks in which he thanked the 47 departing laborers “for every achievement they have achieved, for every value they have added, for every imprint they have left, for every stance they have took, and for every stone they have added to this institution.” He added, “We honor you today, not only for your efforts, but also for your ardor towards the Regie”. He stressed that the “Regie is loyal and will not forget”, which was translated through standing by the side of its laborers and retired during these hard conditions. He concluded: “Even if you leave this institution, it will not leave you... For people like you, service has no end even after the end of service”. The head of the Syndicate of laborers and Staff of the Regie, Kamal Yatim, praised the services and efforts of the honorees “during the difficult circumstances the country is currently going through”. He added: “You have responded to the call and acted, and you have performed your duty with all responsibility, as the duty and sacrifice dictate, during the harsh times." He praised the “competence and wisdom” that Seklaoui has demonstrated in managing the institution. The head of the Public Relations Department, Nahla Slim, who was among the honorees, considered that “whoever works in the Regie is lucky, because there are those who appreciate his giving, efforts and excellence, and those who respect his history, think about his present, and do not forget his future”. She added: “Who has spent his life in the Regie knows that his devotion will be rewarded with loyalty”. Medals were distributed to the retiring laborers, by Seklaoui and Yatim, the head of the Ex-laborers League, Michel Khoury, the head of the Collaboration Fund, Wael Dergham, and the head of the Sports Commettee, Rafik Sbeiti.
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