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Safad El Batikh: a ceremony for receiving a truck with water tank from the Regie and the UNIFIL Italian contingent

02 March 2023

Under the patronage of the Regie’s Director General Eng. Nassif Seklaoui and the presence of the Bent Jbeil District Vice President Mr. Charbel El Alam, the representative of the municipal chief of Al Qalaa, Mr. Ali Fawaz, the commanders of the Italian and Malaysian contingents, along with clerks; notables; political, syndical, social, and cultural bodies; and a special delegation from the Regie, yesterday Thursday was held at the municipality of Safad El Batikh a ceremony of receiving a truck with water tank and relevant equipment from the Regie and the UNIFIL Italian contingent.

Following the presentation of the master of ceremony, the municipal chief, Mr. Ali Zeineddine, spoke and thanked Engineer Sekaloui, saying: “everyone knows that he has never turned down a demand” and that he has been the first to take the initiative to help us meet our request, praising his work, role, and efforts in supporting farmers. Then he thanked the Italian contingent for their completion of and supporting the project.

Eng. Abdul Mawla Al Mawla, representing the Regie, spoke and conveyed the greetings of the Director General, his directives, and his constant endeavor to empower farmers and improve their standard of living, saying that “we in the Regie will complete what we are used to and what we have planned for to support people, especially farmers”, promising that the Regie will remain their haven along the country wherever there is a blessed hand whose wrinkles are the color of soil.

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