The Regie Honors Retiring Employees for their Dedication and Service

22 January 2024
The Regie Honors Retiring Employees for their Dedication and Service

Today, at the Regie’s headquarters in Hadath, a ceremony was held to honor the employees of the Regie who have reached retirement age in 2023. During the event, Eng. Nassif Seklaoui, Regie’s Director General, criticized proposals to increase taxes on tobacco as a means to boost state revenues. He described such call as “unconsidered statements” emphasizing that such comparisons should not be drawn with countries experiencing minimal levels of smuggling.


During the celebration titled “A Lifetime We Lived Together” commemorating the contributions of retired employees, Seklaoui remarked: “As we gather to honor our colleagues at this time of year, the time for them to leave us, we are reminded once more that our institution thrives on the dedication of those who wholeheartedly invested themselves. Their legacy endures, they remain intertwined with us neither departing nor fading from memory.”

Addressing the honorees, he added: “A part of you lingers here! It’s the essence of your being, your experience, your imprint, your passion, and the mark you’ve left. Similarly, the Regie stays with you – its corridors, offices, the shared memories, the sacrifices made... You dedicated yourselves to it ...and it all endures in memory, etched in the heart, timeless and ageless.”

He regarded the honorary gathering as “simply a moment of appreciation,” during which the Regie’s management expresses its gratitude for the retirees’ years of dedicated service.” He emphasized their significant contributions to the Regie’s growth and development, attributing its current achievements to their collective efforts. He further remarked, "You have witnessed the Regie’s prosperity and each of you, in your respective roles, has played a part in advancing this institution, which undeniably stands as a source of pride within the public sector and a cornerstone of the national economy."

He continued, stating: “We stand tall in light of our accomplishments, particularly in recent years, despite the various challenges we have been facing. Thanks to your unwavering dedication, the Regie was able to achieve significant milestones.” These include “expanding production capabilities and introducing new production lines to meet the growing demand for Regie products.” He then added: “We pioneered the implementation the tax stamp obtained a new ISO certificate for occupational health and safety, and embraced technological advancements by launching an app to support farmers every step of the way, including the early purchase of tobacco crops in the southern regions.” He emphasized: “Our journey does not end here; we’re committed to leveraging the administration’s resources by cultivating its lands to support every farmer in the south.” He also reflected on the Regie’s role in combating adversity, stating, “through resilience and steadfastness, the Regie has stood against uprooting, displacement, and hostility symbolizing resilience through planting and nurturing."

Seklaoui stressed that “despite the challenges, this institution persevered and resisted attempts to undermine its success.” He expressed surprise at suggestions to raise taxes on tobacco to bolster state revenues, likening the proposal to being “from another planet, such as Saturn”, and questioned the comparison between Lebanon’s borders and those of European countries like France. He urged a cautious approach, citing past experiences where increased taxes led to financial deficits and decreased treasury revenues. He cautioned against making rash statements that could negatively impact Lebanon and its economy.”


He addressed the attendees with heartfelt gratitude, stating, “Your dedication to this institution will forever be remembered. Your contributions will forever be cherished, and the doors of the Regie will always be open to you. Your absence will be felt in every corner, factory, office and warehouse, while your knowledge, insight and loyalty will continue to guide the next generation, preserving your legacy and building upon it.” He continued, “We extend our deepest appreciation for the years you devoted to this institution, often sacrificing time with your families. We’ve made every effort to ensure your financial security as you transition into retirement. Just as you remained loyal to the Regie, it remains faithful and committed to you. Our bond will endure, and the Regie will stand by you as you have stood by it.”


As for the Head of the Syndicate of the Regie’s Laborers and Staff, Hossam Sharif, he commended the Regie’s administration for its “graceful and civilized gesture” in honoring employees who have completed their service. He expressed his appreciation and respect to the celebrated individuals, recognizing the years of dedication, sacrifice and selflessness they have demonstrated in fulfilling their duties and responsibilities.

He described Seklaoui as “the steadfast leader, ensuring no concerns of employees, regardless of their positions or titles, go unaddressed. He personally oversees their affairs and offers unwavering support, especially during challenging times faced by the Lebanese employment sector since the 1990s. He highlighted Seklaoui’s proactive response to crises such as the 2019 economic downturn and the currency devaluation, emphasizing his commitment to safeguarding workers’ pensions.

He thanked former Head of Syndicate Kamal Yateem for his dedicated service, both in his career and within the realm of the syndicate work. Yateem’s contributions were marked by courage, perseverance and significant efforts to rejuvenate union activities internally and externally.

Additionally, he expressed a desire to develop a comprehensive plan for retirees aimed at streamlining their benefits and enhancing access to medical care and hospitalization services. He expressed hope that the Council of Ministers would expedite the issuance of implementing decrees for the Retirement and Social Protection Law,  which has been long-awaited and finally brought to fruition, thanks to the vigilance and persistence of the Speaker of the Parliament Nabih Berri over the past two decades.

He noted that the Regie’s management remains steadfast in its support for both past and present employees, despite facing numerous challenges and adversities. He highlighted the resilience demonstrated by the Regie in recent years, particularly during times of crisis, as a testament to its unwavering commitment to its workforce. Despite the collapse experienced by many public and private institutions, both domestically and internationally, the Regie has stood firm and continued to progress.


In her welcoming speech, Director of Public Relations, Nahla Salim elaborated on the significance of the slogan “A lifetime... we lived it together” chosen for the celebration. She explained that it symbolizes the strong bond among members of the Regie team, encapsulating shared memories, experiences, cooperation, challenges and successes. Salim stressed that the retirees will forever remain “an integral part of the Regie family,” and that “the administration is loyal to their hard work and effort, thanks to which it has distinguished itself, and it is proud of them.” She stressed that “there is a bond between the Regie and its employees, not bound by ages or years.”






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