The Regie Launches Its Agricultural Seminars in the North

20 May 2024
The Regie Launches Its Agricultural Seminars in the North

The Lebanese Regie for Tobacco in the north has initiated its series of agricultural seminars aimed at assisting farmers in Talbireh, Halba, Qlayaat, Sammaqia and Hikr Al-Dahiri in Akkar.

Organized by the Department of Agriculture and Purchasing in the North, these seminars serve to educate farmers about the challenges posed by climate change and the prevalence of fungal diseases affecting tobacco plants.

Led by Eng. Mahmoud Al-Ahmad, Head of Agriculture and Purchasing Office in the North, alongside observers Hassan Tlaijeh and Karim Al-Tarsisi, as well as agricultural correspondents Mustafa Al-Masry and Deeb Wehbe, the seminars provided guidance to agricultural practitioners.

Furthermore, agricultural pesticides were distributed to farmers as a preventive measure against the spread of epidemics.  

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