Sustainable Development

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At la Regie Libanaise des Tabacs et des Tombacs, we believe that working hand in hand with the community and the local and international bodies will lead us to a better tomorrow and that the seeds we plant today will yield a bountiful harvest for future generations. 



Driven by this deep-rooted commitment, we have always dedicated our efforts to driving sustainability into the local community where we have operated for 80 years and we have attained great achievements that were beneficial for our employees, stakeholders and local bodies. 



Today, with a renewed vision and great eagerness, we pursue our efforts, launching a unique sustainable development plan targeting the Lebanese community as whole, namely our stakeholders, including farmers, heads of sale, employees, municipalities, tobacco companies and ministries.

Through our sustainability plan, we aim at meeting the aspirations of our stakeholders and enhancing their standard of living and we dedicate our efforts to achieve real economic development and adopt an economic behavior that respects the local community in its three dimensions: Environmental, social and economic.

Promoting economic development, preserving the environment, fighting tobacco trafficking and child labor and ensuring a better living for our employees and farmers are some of our objectives over the next ten years and we are confident that our efforts will bear fruit. 


Our sustainable development strategy is based on five main pillars: