Manchar Souwar 1
“Manchar Souwar” is an open Photography Competition about the Reaping Tobacco and Tunbac Harvest stages in Lebanon, free to everyone, amateurs and professionals alike.
All ages, backgrounds and experience levels are invited to enter the Competition.
Have your work evaluated by a selected jury and online audience who are looking to award the best images from across the three categories (Jury Select, Audience Select and Best Album)

The Dates of Harvest season are as follow:
- South and North: From 1 May till 31 August
- Bekaa: From 1 August till 30 November
Click here to check the villages planted with Tobacco in Lebanon.

Check Reaping Tobacco Harvest stages on below link:

Check Reaping Tunbac Harvest stages on below link:

The competition timeframe is from 1 July till 30 September

The online voting period for all participants will be from 1 OCTOBER till 31 OCTOBER.
The results will be announced during November (the day to be determined later)

Good Luck to all participants.
Manchar Souwar
Season 2019
Season 2017